Thank you for choosing Pavia Hospital

Please take into consideration the following tips, before you and your travel companion leave home

Travel Insurance:
To protect yourself and your travel companion(s) against any risks involving your trip to Puerto Rico (i.e., extra charges due to flight reschedules or delays, lost luggage, medical emergencies for your companion, theft, etc.), we urge you to consider purchasing a Traveler’s Insurance policy.
Bank Accounts:
To avoid misunderstandings with your bank at home when you are away for medical purposes, call in advance to your bank to notify about your traveling dates so they could be expecting unusual charges during your medical visits to Puerto Rico.
General Safety Tips:
1. Request a pre-arranged service for Ground Transport to your medical appointment during office hours.
2. If you are feeling sick we advise visiting the closest Emergency Room.
3. Let us assist you. Always refer your questions to our office. Feel free to call us 787-268-6060.